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Ansi Valve Ratings Standards Design Asme B16

ansi valve ratings standards design asme b16

PROCESS VALVE STANDARDS Australian Pipeline Valve ASME rated valves conform to ANSI/ASME B16.34. This s ends. It specifies design requirements, materials, pressure-temperature ratings, dimensions, wall thickness and manufacturing requirements. In the interest of standardisation, B16.34 and its associated standard for flanges, ANSI/ASME B16.5,

Ansi Valve Ratings Standards Design Asme B16

ASME/ANSI B16.9 - 2001 - Factory-Made Wrought Steel Butt-welding Fittings. This Standard covers overall dimensions, tolerances, ratings, testing, and markings for wrought factory-made butt-welding fittings in sizes NPS 1/2 through 48 (DN 15 through 1200). ASME/ANSI B16.10 - 2000 - Face-to-Face and End-to-End Dimensions of Valves


For PN ratings under ISO 75001-1 (AS4331) the pressure/temperature ratings are proportionately extrapolated, refer to ISO 75001-1. ASME B16.34 PRESSURE / TEMPERATURE RATINGS VALVE BODY MATERIALS. (a) Flanged-ends terminate at 538ºC in 150 class. (1) Not to be used over 345ºC. (2) At temperatures above 538ºC only use when the carbon content is 0.04% or higher.


ASME B16.5 is a standard for Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings that covers flanges sizes from NPS ½” to 24”. In this standard, flanges are classified based on their pressure-temperature rating which is also known as a flange class.


ASME Standards. ASME recognized the importance of reliable standards and were first to create a set of performance standards for valves, flanges and fittings in 1920. Three relevant sets of ASME standards for flanged valves and fittings exist and each of them corresponds to construction material. Gray iron flanges and fittings correspond to ASME B16.1.

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ASME/ANSI B16 Standards for Pipes and Fittings - The ASME B16 standards covers pipes and fittings in cast iron , cast bronze, wrought copper and steel ASME/ANSI B16.5 - Flanges and Bolt Dimensions Class 150 to 2500 - Diameters and bolt circles for standard ASME B16.5 flanges - 1/4 to 24 inches - Class 150 to 2500

B16.34 - Valves Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End - ASME

There are three relevant sets of ASME/ANSI standards for flanged valves and fittings, each of which corresponds to construction material. Gray iron flanges and fittings correspond to ASME B16.1. Ductile iron flanges and fittings correspond to ASME B16.42. Steel flanges and fittings correspond to ASME B16.5. AWWA Standards

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ANSI GATE VALVE ANSI Gate Valve Design and Manufacture: Steel gate valve to API 600 or API 6D; corrosion resistant gate valve to API 603 or API 600; Forged steel gate valve to API 602. Inspection and Test: API 598, or API 6D. End flange dimension: ASME B16.5 (NPS≤24) ; ASME B16.47 series A and B, or MSS SP-44 (NPS>24). BW end dimension: ASME ...

ASME B16.34 Pressure/Temperature Rating - Projectmaterials

This Standard applies to new valve construction and covers quarter-turn manually operated metallic valves in sizes NPS 4¼ and tubing sizes 1¼ O.D. These valves are intended for indoor installation as gas shutoff valves when installed in aboveground fuel gas piping downstream of the gas meter outlet and upstream of the inlet connection to a ...

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The ASME B16 Standardization of Valves Flanges, Fittings and Gaskets Committee, which operates under ASME ’s Board on Pressure Technology Codes and Standards is responsible for standards covering valves, flanges, pipe fittings, gaskets and valve actuators for use in pressure services.

Ball valves ANSI

ANSI/ASME B16.34-2004 Valves – Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End. This standard applies to new construction and covers pressure-temperature ratings, dimensions, tolerances, materials, nondestructive examination requirements, testing and marking for cast, forged and fabricated flanged, threaded, and welding end and wafer or flangeless valves of steel, nickel base alloys and other alloys as ...

Pressure/Temperature Ratings for Fisher Valves (ASME B16 ...

ASME Standards. B16.10 --> Face-to-Face and End-to-End Dimensions of Valves. B16.33 --> Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in Gas Piping Systems Up to 125 psig (Sizes ¹⁄₂ Through 2) B16.34 --> Valves—Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End

How ANSI Class Relates To PSI -

The standard covers corrosion-resistant bolted bonnet gate valves with flanged or butt-weld ends in sizes NPS 1/2 through 24, corresponding to nominal pipe sizes in ASME B36.10M, and Classes 150, 300, and, 600, as specified in ASME B16.34. API 609 Butterfly Valves: Double Flanged, Lug- and Wafer-Type.


ASME B16.10 long pattern face-to-face dimensions; ANSI Class 150# 300# SIL-3 Capable per IEC 61508; Live-loaded stem assembly; Bottom entry stem design; Encapsulated seats to prevent seat deformation. Sizes 1/2” – 6” Materials: choice of materials including exotics; End Connections: 150# flange, 300# flange, others

ANSI B16.15 - International Design & Technical Standards

ASME B16.5 and ASME B16.47 cover pipe flanges up to NPS 60 (B16.5 from 1/2" to 24" and B16.47 from 26" to 60"). ANSI B16.47 covers two series of flanges, Series A is equal to MSS SP-44-44, and Series B is equal to API 605 (API 605 has been canclled). Pipe Flange Datasheets

B16.10Face-to-Face and End-to-End Dimensions of Valves - 2017

Just do a search on any Standards providers website for ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.9, ANSI B16.10 etc. You will not find that standards, because they do not exist. Many years ago there was, as an example, a ANSI B16.5 standard. In 1988 it became ANSI/ASME B16.5 and in 1996 it became ASME B16.5.

ANSI Classes & Body Material Selection

ANSI/ASME B16.39-1998 Pipe Unions, Malleable Iron Threaded. Provides requirements for the following: (a) design; (b) pressure-temperature ratings; (c) size; (d) marking; (e) materials; (f) joints and seats; (g) threads; (h) hydrostatic strength; (i) air pressure test; (k) sampling; (l) coatings; and (m) dimensions

ANSI B16, ASME B16 or both? - ASME B16.34

List of ASME / ANSI piping standards which are useful for designing piping systems for different industries and scenarios. B16.1 (2005) - Gray Iron Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings: Classes 25, 125, and 250 This Standard covers Classes 25, 125, and 250 Gray Iron Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings.

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Warren Valve’s engineered product capabilities include a 3-piece bolted forged body "Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve" designed to meet double block and bleed and double isolation and bleed specifications.. Our product design will also satisfy: API 6D; ASME B16.34 (Wall thickness, pressure, temperature ratings). ASME B16.10 (Face to face dimensions). ASME B16.5 (Flange design)

ASME - ANSI B16.41 - Engineering Standards

Design & construction: API 600, API 6D Face to face length: ASME / ANSI B16.10 Connections & dimensions: ASME / ANSI B16.5, ASME / ANSI B 16.25 Flanged: RF ANSI #150 Pressure & temperature: ASME / ANSI B16.34 Test: API 598 - Fig. 1501A: body CF8M / trim 316


FOREWORD (This Foreword is not part of ASME 816.28-1994.) In 1921, the American Engineering Standards Committee, later American Standards Association (ASA), organized Sectional Committee B16 to unify and further develop national standards for pipe flanges and fittings (and, later, for valves, gaskets, and valve

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B2: ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 - Design Workshop; B3: ASME B16.34 - Valves; B4: ASME B31.3 and B31.1 - Piping; B5: ASME Code Section V - Nondestructive Examination; B6: Material Requirements of the ASME Code; B7: CAESAR II for Users; B8: ASME Code - Section III and NQA-1 - Nuclear Codes; B9: PV Elite for Designers; B10: ASME Code ...

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Soft Seat Valves are those where the seat or shut-off disc or both are made from some kind of resilient material such as Teflon. Control Valve Seat Leakage Classifications - ANSI FCI 70-2 superseding ANSI B16.104 . Leakage Class Designation Maximum Leakage Allowable Test Medium Test Pressure Testing Procedures Required for Establishing Rating

Face-to-Face and End-to-End Dimensions of Valves

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Ansi Valve Ratings Standards Design Asme B16

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Ansi Valve Ratings Standards Design Asme B16