#189 IconBuffet

Kādu laiciņu atpakaļ piereģistrējos iekš Ikonu Bufetes (IconBuffet). Interesanta padarīšana ar ikonu krāšanu, mainīšanos, punktu krāšanu, ikonu sūtišanu/saņemšanu.

Kas tad īsti ir IconBuffet:

So here’s the deal… a few years back we launched the original IconBuffet. At the time we sold stock icons to web designers and other geeky folks all over the world. After a while we figured it would be totally sweet to give away free icons every month to IconBuffet members. Only there’s a little twist… not everyone gets the same icons. So you have to swap icons with your friends to get them all. Kinda like baseball cards. Only you can use them on your website.

Then this crazy thing happened… tons of people came to IconBuffet, and this huge IconBuffet community started to grow. Since then we’ve done a lot of work to make the Buffet better, friendlier, and easier to use. We still do stock icons, but now we’re more about our growing community of friends.

Today the Chefs at IconBuffet painstakingly create dozens of new free icons each month which are somewhat randomly delivered to our members according to super-secret schedules. If you’re not already a member, you should really sign up. We hope you enjoy the show!

Pa šo laiku beidzot esmu ticis pie 10 000 punktiem (dod papildus divus “tokens”) un 171 ikonu komplektiem. Ikonu komplektus varu izmantot atbilstoši licences nosacījumiem:

You may use the Product in your personal, commercial, and client projects, including advertising, web designs, software applications, on-line or multimedia projects, presentations, film, video, and computer games.

Ja nu kādam interesē – pievienojas :)